We protect people and infrastructure from accidents involving forklift trucks

Comnovo invented the Linde Safety Guard. Modular in design and flexible to retrofit.

The Truck Unit is installed on your vehicle:

  • High Precision

    The Truck Unit warns drivers on forklift trucks when they are too close to pedestrians and infrastructures (speed gates, bottlenecks, construction sites) and can thus prevent accidents. The distance measurement has an accuracy of up to ten centimetres and is very reproducible. The Distance Beeper must be worn or installed on the infrastructure.

  • Configurable warning zone with direction detection

    Whether circle, oval or cone – with our patented warning zone technology you will find the right zone around your vehicle. The direction of the approaching danger is always displayed. Decide for yourself at what distance from people and infrastructure you want to be warned on the vehicle.

  • Flexible retrofit

    There are only a few steps necessary to install the Truck Unit on your vehicle.

Protection and warning for pedestrians and infrastructure:

Distance Beeper

Distance Beeper

The Distance Beeper warns people with sound, vibration and lighting of an encounter with industrial vehicles where the Truck Unit is installed. In addition to your own team, you can also use the Distance Beeper to protect external persons who are to enter your company premises. Charging by inductive charging.

Static Unit

Static Unit

Defuse dangerous spots at intersections and areas that are difficult to see with the Static Unit. The dimmable siren and power LEDs provide an audiovisual warning to the surroundings as soon as a vehicle approaches. Reduction of vehicle speed possible in certain areas.

Zone Marker

Zone Marker

Manage access authorisations at entrances with the Zone Marker for people wearing the Distance Beeper. Reduce damage to speed gates through precise control and speed reduction. Mark truck loading points or your entire warehouse and make accident blackspots disappear. The Zone Marker supports you simply and unobtrusively in your challenging area.

Proven assistance systems with broad functions for industrial vehicles

We support you in this:

Reliable collision avoidance

People detection in in-plant forklift traffic with two-way alerting for forklift drivers and pedestrians based on excellent warning area coverage using active radio technology.

We digitize your warehouse with our own technologies

Comnovo is establishing a development and demonstration centre for the digital logistics warehouse of tomorrow at its Dortmund site. You don’t have a concrete use case yet? Together we can find out where we can optimize your processes.

Training for your team

Together, we make your team fit for the daily use of our solutions. On site or virtually – tailored to your needs.

Defuse stationary hazardous areas

Unclear areas at gates, passages and intersections are defused for pedestrians before the forklift is visible. Reduce the speed of your truck fully automatically in defined areas. This allows you to increase safety and significantly reduce wear, noise and vibration. Save heating costs by precisely controlling high-speed doors.

How productive is your fleet?

Together we scan your fleet and find out where there is potential for optimisation. Flexibly applicable on all forklift trucks. We are looking for customers for our latest localisation project. Are you involved?

Social Distancing – Warning of too close contact

#togetherversuscorona: Protect your team. The Interactive Warning Vest warns you when you are too close to each other. Test the vest directly on your premises. Distances are configurable flexibly. Delivery shortages possible.


Increase safety with our systems by accurately measuring the distance between vehicles and persons. Also reduce dangerous situations by our stationary detection technology.


Increase the efficiency of operation by zoning of speeds and thereby reducing material damage and noise emission.

Made in Germany

The robust hardware of our systems and the powerful and highly efficient software are perfectly matched and are developed and manufactured in Germany.

We individually assist you through your challenges

This is what we have made for our customers so far:

Wienerberger is using the interactive warning vest for employees:

How Coca-Cola is reducing dangerous spots at its warehouse (english):

Keeping you safe in any situation:


When may we accompany you?

About us

Dr. Andreas Lewandowski

Direction detection has turned out to be a particularly promising feature for the future. We see this as a good omen for the development of the entire company - after all, it's always good to know which direction the next innovation will come from.

Ron Winkler

Do you have the challenges of avoiding accidents with people or your infrastructure and vehicles in intralogistics, construction machinery or other industrial vehicles? Contact us - we will be happy to help you!

Together, we create safe, efficient and sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s intralogistics. We help you to increase your operational safety and minimize damage to buildings and infrastructure. With innovative developments in the field of localization, we create smart logistics management for you.


40 Heads. One mission. Together we create safe, efficient and sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s intralogistics.

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