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Maintaining production areas

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A bottleneck in the assembly area at the Bad Neustadt electric motor factory almost led Siemens to take structural measures that would result in less production space being available. The customer solved the problem with Linde Safety Guard.

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The problem:

Road and pedestrian path in one. A separation of paths would entail structural measures in the factory.

The solution:

Linde Safety Guard with speed regulation for forklifts, access management and traffic light control.

As soon as the bottleneck is entered, people and forklift drivers are informed by lighting on traffic lights and mirrors. The customer's individual requirements for the speed of the vehicles were implemented in the danger zone. After leaving the bottleneck, the speed of the forklift truck is released back to the factory setting.

The result:

  • Preservation of assembly areas
  • Structural changes are not necessary
  • Increased safety for forklift drivers and pedestrians
  • Linde Safety Guard is part of the customer's company-wide safety culture and supports Siemens´ principle of  “zero accidents”
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"We are really very satisfied with this solution in terms of logistics, production and EHS because we have met the combination of needs of all areas and departments."

Alina Mainberger, Head of technologies and product launcher in the area of special motors, Siemens electric motor factory Bad Neustadt

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