Automotive industry:

Goodbye coldforming.

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This automotive customer benefits from Linde Door Control and the combination of both pedestrian- and infrastructure protection in his handling area with just one system.

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The problem:

Enormous maintenance costs due to door damage within the handling area.

Fleet: Linde E50

The solution:

The high-speed doors in the handling area are equipped with Linde Door Control.

In addition, the customer uses a simple retrofit to protect people from approaching forklifts in areas of his handling area that are sometimes difficult to see.

The result:

  • zero collision damage and maintenance costs
  • fewer incidents in the handling area
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‘It is difficult for the forklift driver to see the people between the mesh boxes. The Linde Safety Guard ensures increased safety in the entire area.’

Mathias Kastner, Safety and Assistance Systems Consultant at GRUMA Fördertechnik, Linde Material Handling dealer in Germany

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